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Forget about going out of your way to visit a licensed massage therapist. We also specialize in hypnotherapy and reflexology. Handprints Therapeutic Massage is just minutes away from some of your favorite shops and restaurants.

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Choose From a Wide Range of Rejuvenating Services

You owe it to yourself to take care of your health and your body. Whether you have an injury, chronic pain, stiff muscles, or just need to relax and destress, I have something for you.

  • Hypnotherapy to relax and let your mind and body connect
  • Cupping Massage for tight rigid muscles
  • Reflexology for an overall feeling of wellness by keeping your body systems communicating
  • Ear Candling to remove built-up fungus, wax, and debris
  • Ion Cleanse to help remove toxins from your system
  • Abdomen Cupping to manipulate the digestive and reproductive systems
  • Guided Meditation for relaxation and positive affirmations
  • Lymphatic Massage/Cupping to move fluids and reduce inflammation

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